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Corrective Slip Repair

When your property is threatened by shifting ground, call K&N for help. We perform slip repair that effectively stops slope failure and prevents further erosion. Concrete lagging walls and beam installation is also available to provide support for unstable ground.

Slope Failure Repair

The process involves removing trees and all debris followed by restoring the area to its original condition. To correct damage from mudslides, we can help solidify the soil.

We provide solutions for Industrial and Commercial companies and homeowners whose property is in danger from unstable soil.

Concrete Lagging Walls & Foundational Drilling

We install lagging walls to retain soil and stabilize the ground where erosion exists. 

Let us help stabilize property with foundational drilling. In this process, we drill down deep enough so that the soil provides the stabilization you want for your property. We use state-of-the-art equipment such as the CZM160 to do efficient drilling.